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How to choose good abrasion resistance polishing brush filament

How to choose good abrasion resistance polishing brush filament


Polishing brush is a kind of brush product which is widely used. The polishing brush is mainly used for deburring and fine grinding the surface of the object. It is mainly made of iron wire (steel wire) as the framework, the brush filament arranged neatly above the skeleton.

The working condition of polishing brush filament has very high requirements on the abrasion resistance of the polishing brush filament under multiple uses. If you notice the process of brush polishing, you will find that the polishing brush will be a bit dirty, which directly affects the product. This reduces customer purchase rates.

How can we solve the problem of wear time when polishing? I heard that a very good supplier of polishing brush filament is called Guangzhou Nansha Mingwang Synthetic Fiber Factory. It has 19 years of experience in R&D and production of brush filament, its products have high quality and strong product elasticity, good recovery, mirror polishing can reach 35 times, and the size of the workpiece can be selected within 50-100 rev / min. The polishing brush moves up and down at a speed of about 30/min, and generally moves up and down 8 to 10 times. This speed can provide production efficiency.

If you make a polishing brush, remember to find Guangzhou Mingwang Synthetic Fiber Factory. Mingwang's polishing brush filament has good abrasion resistance, good elasticity and long polishing life, which effectively reduces the frequency of polishing brush replacement. Most importantly, service attitude is very good.

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