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Good quality pa66 brush filament using pure nylon raw material

Good quality pa66 brush filament using pure nylon raw material


We all know that pa66 has a good performance in all aspects of the nylon family. The performance of the pa66 filament is also excellent, but recently we received some pa66 filament samples from customers and found that the recovery rate, softness and temperature resistance of the sample are not as good as those of the general pa66 brush filament. Through professional instrument analysis, we found that the ingredients inside are not all pa66, of which the composition of nylon 66 is only 54%, another 46% is a variety of other inferior materials. We told our customer, Miss Chen, that she was very angry and said: "I have paid so much money to buy fake and inferior products. No wonder our products are often complained by customers about the deformation, hair loss and easy to broken."

We are very sorry about this and suggested that Miss Chen test whether the 66 filaments produced by our company can meet the needs of their requirement. The next day, the sample was sent to Miss Chen. After testing, Miss Chen was very satisfied with our pa66 filament products. We are very confident about this, because we use the imported first-line brand of pa66 raw materials, do not mix with any other inferior materials, strictly control the raw materials, guaranteed all aspects of raw materials are in compliance with international standards and  ensure the stability of product performance.

Pa66 brush filament is a kind of cost-effective one of all kinds of brush filament. It can't buy some unidentified and unsatisfactory products because of the cheapness. In the end, it will only ruin your reputation. When competitors use the brush filament with good quality and excellent performance, it is easy to be eliminated by them.

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